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funkaliciousfunkalicious Posts: 2
I just bought a Harmon Kardon AVR225 and a Polk RMS6000 sub sat system.

I'm in love. I'm sure bigger could be better but, for the money, I am in heaven.

Anyway, I went to cnet to review my purchase and some guy left an unfavorable review ripping the receiver for not having a component in. Why in God's name would you want to run your dvd video lines through your receiver before they went in to your television???

He said true audiophiles shouldn't look at the AVR225 because of the omission. I think he should just buy a TV with component a in.

Am I right? :rolleyes:

Also, what's the phase switch for on my sub? THANKS!
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  • Frank ZFrank Z Polk-a-dweeb Posts: 5,967
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    Yes and no. Some people prefer using their receivers for video switching, and it also allows the use of more gear if you have limited inputs on your TV.
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  • HBombTooHBombToo Posts: 5,335
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    h/k makes a great box and I have the 520 but have chosen not to use it as a vidio switch for my HDTV. What you need to remember is there are a lot of critics out there that get anal about stuff thats not important to you/us so don't sweat it.

    Enjoy your h/k!

  • phuzphuz Posts: 2,413
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    Frank Z pretty much hit it on the dot. I love the video switching capabilites of my AVR-510. For those of us that use a DVD player to play other mediums like CD's, mp3s, etc., have game consoles and VCR's, it's really nice to have.

    I think the phase switch is to help your sub sound it's best. :)

    Depending on placement, one of the two will sound better - and it will help keep overlaping frequencies from cancelling each other out. The best thing to do is sit in your sweet spot, put in a good CD or DVD, and have a friend switch the phase a few times and decide on which one sounds best to you.

    There is more detailed info and instructions in your manual and on the Polk website. Enjoy your new setup, and welcome to Club Polk!
  • Jay MJay M Customer Service Posts: 54
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    Hey Funk...
    The phase control allows the driver to either fire outward (towards the listener) or inward (away from the listener). This is an important adjustment....

    Every speaker sends positive and negative waves. If you encounter "dead spots" in your room that is a result of cancellation. "Cancellation" is when a positive and negative intersect at the listener's position. There are also "standing waves". This is where a frequency(s) can be enforced. The result would be a sudden jump in DB at that frequency(s).

    In every room these two issues will respond differently. However the solution is the same. If either two are an issue the subwoofers phase needs to be changed. That is where the phase control will come into play. By flipping the switch one will reduce or even eliminate "cancellation" and "standing waves".
    Hope this helps!!

    Jason @ Polk Audio Customer Service

  • funkaliciousfunkalicious Posts: 2
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    I just wouldn't sacrifice the clarity of my component in for convenience. Especially with a/v inputs on the front of the set, the reciever, and the vcr. Whatever. The reciever has so many damn inputs, it could be a **** starlet.

    I can hardly wait to get home and watch all of my dvds again. I am a little dissapointed in some of the audio tracks though. Like Field of Dreams and True Romance. Just cause it says Dolby Digital doesn't mean it's 5.1 (as I'm sure you know)

    I need Terminator.

    Thanks again!
    If I knew 1/2 as much as I thought I knew, I'd be twice as smart as I am.
  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,638
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    I'd also add that a 'true' audiophile probably wouldn't be using a receiver anyway nor would they really give a hoot about video.

    My personal view, is I would rather not run the video through the receiver for the simple fact that it's just another factor to add distortion. So if you have a TV with enough inputs and so forth, I wouldn't worry about it.

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  • SystemsSystems Posts: 14,998
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    Don't worry about the review. If you don't need that feature, it's irrelevant. If you like your system, enjoy it.
  • cgravilcgravil Posts: 101
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    I use the 520 as well. I use the comp. in/outs<2 of them DVD and Dig Cable> to my Sony HD and then run my PS2 into the other comp input in my tv. Why cause I can. but I like it that way. you do what you do and let the man with the bad review deal with buying a product he didn't want and not having the hutzpa to take it back.
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