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    Originally posted by HBombToo
    good point DooD! In that case perhaps a conditioner is warranted. But if no problem like that is happening... well then I ask WHY?


    Agreed totally. Although the occasional "cracking" in my speakers is annoying, it doesn't seem worth it for me to buy a conditioner... As long as it's on at lease a surge protector. It might be nice to have that conditioner, but it certainly isn't required, for me.

    Ludicrous gibs!
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    I see you are looking at power conditioning.

    Have you considered the following:

    ExactPower EP15A ($1799)
    Balanced Power Technologies BP-2 ($999) or Equitech (more$$)

    The ExactPower unit will regulate and CORRECT the AC wave. The BPT unit will provide balanced power for your entire system. Each unit is rated for 15A. You can also find demo ExactPower EP2000 units rated for 2000 watts and use a BP-2.5.

    The Monster units have certain limitations. The AVS 2000 will regulate, but not correct the AC wave. The HTPS7000 only has small transformers (balanced power) for source components. High current component power is just filtered, not balanced. (Please verify these points to formulate your on conclusions)

    With the ExactPower and BPT or Equitech combination, you can get 15A of regulated, corrected and balanced power for your system. AC does not get any better than this. The cost will even be less than the Monster solution and provide a better end result.

    I have tried a PS Audio PP300 in my system. All benefits provided by having my source components using the PP300 were negated by the noise of the unit's cooling fan. This unit was returned after one night of listening tests.

    I have a BPT BP-2.5 on order for my 20A circuit. I will post a comparision of the BP-2.5 vs. a HTS3600 or HTS5100 (or other manufactures). The winner will be used in my system.

    Monster states that their products are new and the first of their kind. Untrue, other companies have had these types (and better) of products on the market for many years. Monster is now playing catch-up.

    Good luck with your evaluations.
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