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When I first attended an audio gathering I was thinking like Bartman -- "cool dude". I get to experience history in the making.

The second time, I saw most of the same faces but it wasn't boring at all because there were new stories to be shared.

After some crazy driving through a city with most only right-hand turns and trying to find a hamlet on a country road, the third event was just crazy fun to be part of. I saw a familiar face and he shared a cardboard box with me so I could take home some vinyl.

What I cannot understand is how a score of local members who read and post daily do not respond to a highly visible gathering.
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    Not everyone is always available for such outings. Most would rather not even get involved if they are unable to attend for one reason or another. There are tons of events that I have missed here and at other clubs I'm involved with because of one issue or another. You just get to what you can. I'd rather not even post in a thread about an event I know I can't make. Most of the events I have been able to get to, I haven't even posted in a thread about them.
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    I guess what he said makes sense but I like to think they just don't care. It's Polkfest anyways, not Polkapalooza.
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    We WCers, others anyway, have real lives and tons of activities that distract us from what's truly important...which this probably wasn't. Maybe we just need a ground swell movement out here in sunny CA...hey the WA guys are only 12hrs away...maybe they'll come next time.;)

    Anyway there was more food for us...too much gear and too little time as it was.

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    no matter if it's audio related or any other hobby you're interested in... gatherings with people who share your passion for any particular thing is just plain good old fashioned fun..

    I hope I never become one of those people who say... i should have, I could have, why didn't I?

    If there are Polkies in your city or state... make an effort to connect with them once a year.. twice a year.. once a month.. every other weekend.. whatever the case may be... you're missing out on getting to know some great folks.

    How often has we read, those of us who have been here for ahem... a while..
    member so and so and I had a great afternoon listening to some tunes, talking about audio, gear, sharing a cold one and just connecting? That's what this hobby is about more so than just having the latest and greatest gear.

    ok. I said my piece ;)
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    My excuse is car audio competitions. I attended my first one Dec '05 and have been hooked ever since and usually hit at least one a month.

    Problem is that Polkfest is usually around the same time as all the big/fun events like state finals for TN, AL and GA and World Finals as well. State finals cost $50'ish to get into and World Finals take a whopping $200 plus motel for 2 nights, food and gas. So basically I have very little money left over around that time of year.
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