How to blend Servo-15 with LSi15

DAlbaDAlba Posts: 124
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Hello everyone. First off, I love my new LSi setup. I am now starting to appreciate stereo music. With my Rt5000p system I found myself prefering 5ch. Stereo or DPLII but with the LSi system its 2 channel all the way. Crystal clear highs and tight mid-bass.

I do prefer the RT5000p for movies though. I played some tracks from The Haunting and U571 and the LSi just didnt have as much impact and fullness like the RT5000p. I miss my huge **** center with powered sub:( Maybe I setup the center and rears as "large" like I did with RT5000p. LSi manual says "small" What do ya'll think?

Back to the main topic...I received my Servo-15 and X-30 controller. It sounds good but not as loud as I expected. The problem I am having is getting it to blend well the LSi15's. It doesn't blend as well as my RT3000p's did. What should I set the x-over to?
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