did I blow my 35i?

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So I was setting up my DirecTV dish and aming it. I turned to the aiming on the DirecTIVO and heard the tone. I turned the sound on the onkyo 797 to reference level so I could hear it outside. I heard a crackle crackle and a thump from the sub. No sound. I came back inside and saw that the reciever had turned off. I turned it back on. crackle crackle thump and off again. Now the front left seems to not be working well. I can hear stuff but not much. I dont think the woofer is working.

What do I do if I did blow it? I got em less than a year from circut city so mabie I'll just return them and upgrade to the RTi38. Can I do that? I was hoping to wait for the replacement to the 55i any word on those? Not gona happen? What about polk could they fix em?

Evan Adams
Sacramento, CA
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    Try hooking them up to your rear channels. It may also be your receiver.
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  • eaadamseaadams Posts: 213
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    It is only my front left. I switched the left to right and same problem

    Evan Adams
    Sacramento, CA
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    Contact Polk customer service and see what they can do. Worst case scenario a new driver/sub would not cost that much to replace.

    I'm not sure about the circuit city thing, I don't know if you can trade in speakers with a blown driver for an upgrade. ;)
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