Best Budget av/reciver with sda2's

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Hi everyone,
New to the forum. Have owned sda2's since what, 1993 or so, love 'em. Had a Sony ES receiver that died, and have put off buying something, due to budget contraints etc.

Can anyone offer suggestions for a decent all-around AV receiver to use with these, less than a $1000?

I will be using a cs400i center channel, and undecided about the rear's. though Polk says the f/x 500i's are a match, w/ the PS650 or PS450.

Any suggestions appreciated, just looking for a average system here, not state of the art, I have too many other hobbies!


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    Sorry if this is not the correct place for this post. If not, please set me straight.

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    I'd say to go with something like Onkyo's 797 or Denon's 3802. Both have a lot of power and features and seem to be pretty good values (both under a grand). You could also go the next step down and save a couple hundred bucks with the 700 or 2802. You might also want to look into Marantz, as I've heard they're very good, though I don't have any personal experience. You could always go back to a Sony ES like the STR-DA4ES or DA2ES at a 1000 and 700 bucks respectively.
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    I would recommend the Denon 3802 also. A thread over at Home Theater Forum says the Denon 3802 can be had from 6th Ave for $699 Shipped (if you ask real nice). I don't know the number but you can find it at They are an authorized Denon dealer. Don't go by what the website says is the price..... YOU HAVE TO CALL. I've bought a receiver and CD player from them and was extremely pleased with the service and the price. I dealt with Chris and you may have to ask but they will deal and beat most any other price. The also carry HK, Sony Kenwood, Pioneer, and Yamaha. I personally have a Denon and it goes very well with Polks! I don't have any ties to 6th Ave. I had good experiences with them and like to pass it on.
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    The Denon 3802 is good, and I really like the new Yamaha 2300.
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    thanks for the info everyone!
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