Dumb Question About LSi's

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Do the dual binding posts require bi-wiring? Or can regular wiring work as well?

Just exactly how are those posts hooked up to the crossovers?

Thx :)
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    Regular wiring will work perfectly. Sorry, I can't answer the second question.
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    Basically in a 2 way crossover one set of binding posts will provide power to the upper frequency driver and one set will power the lower driver(s). If you choose to biamp or biwire you would remove the jumper and run wire to each set of binding posts. If you choose NOT to biwire/biamp, run wire to one set of posts with the jumper in place. The jumper passes the juice to the other set of posts.

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  • phuzphuz Posts: 2,413
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    Ahh I didn't know about the jumper. Thanks guys.

    I have bi-wire, but it's not currently setup for bi-wire (one set up plugs with both wires attached).

    Thanks again. :)
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