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Hi- I just bought and set up Polk RM 6200 surround speakers and the PWS 350 subwoofer (the 10", not the smaller 250).

Great sound! As it happens, I also bought an A/V receiver that offers a 6th channel for center rear, and it came with a free speaker for that channel. I haven't set it up because my couch is against the back wall and I can't put the speaker behind my head. Is there an alternate location I could put the center rear channel? Does it make sense to mount it at the top of the wall, hanging from a bracket on the ceiling, and face it straight down onto the heads of listeners sitting on the couch?

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    Sit it on the floor behind the couch facing up......
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    I would mount it just as you described.
    Have a look at my rig, "system showcase" I have my rear center mounted there.
    I think a small speaker would get lost behind the couch.
    Also don't expect too much from the rear center,
    notice it most on music played during the credits of a movie.

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    Thank you both for your responses. I think it will be hard to hear if it's on the floor behind the couch (and there isn't much room), so I probably will try mounting it at the ceiling and pointing down. But then again, if it really doesn't add much to the experience, maybe I'll just leave the system at 5-channel and be done with it.
    Thanks again.

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    That why I said if you really want to use it......just set it behind the couch. No big deal;)
    Oh, the bottle has been to me, my closes friend, my worse enemy!
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    Hey Caigy,
    For what it's worth the first time I heard a 6th channel it was on the floor behind the couch pointed upwards, still the best setup I have heard for 6.1. You need to remember the rear channels are not supposed to make attention to themselves, in otherwords you should not know they are there, and there are plenty of calibrations you can make to turn up the volume, delays all that.
    Actually mine is behind my head and I am constantly turning it down form calibrated levels. I would highly suggest you try behind.
    My 2cents. Peace StuffMD
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