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Second time I've tried to post asking this question.. first one got so long and complicated I bailed on it.. here goes.

Right now the HT is in the basement, off to the left side of the room, sitting a little cockeyed in the corner (the left front is about a foot from the left side wall but about 4' from the back wall, the right front is about in the middle of the front wall, but sitting back pretty much right up against the wall). TV in between; couch sitting back (also at an angle) so that the two front mains and the center seating position form about a perfect triangle. There is a computer desk sitting over on the right side of the room, next to the right front.

The surrounds are currently on the side walls - left is on a bookshelf above and behind the listening couch; right is actually on the right wall, also above and behind the listening couch, but just a smidge further away from the centerline of the system than the left surround.

I've been thinking of uncockeyeing the setup, essentially putting the fronts and the TV in a line parallel to the front wall. The LF would still have to be close to the left side wall, but I would be able to pull the RF out from the back wall a couple of feet.

If I did this, I can't put the LS in the 'perfect' position on the left side wall because there is a bi-fold closet door there. Can't put it above the door, either. However... I could mount both surrounds directly behind the couch, about 6' back.. but they'd be high on a 'soffet' enclosing some ductwork, pretty much hugging the ceiling. I *think* I could angle them downward a little.

Picture this room as a cave.. when you're standing at the entrance to the cave, the HT is off against the front wall, over on the left side of the room, the surrounds would have to go right over your head...

My surrounds are 5jr+ (heavy) so I can't just temporarily put them up there.. this is probably a "live with it" deal unless it just totally sounded like ****... So my questions are...

Are there very bad things about having the surrounds on the back wall rather than the sides? Or more important perhaps.. bad things about having them HIGH on the back wall? Would you do it ONLY if you could angle them down somewhat instead of pointing right along the ceiling? Or would you in no way angle them?? Will I lose more by moving the surrounds than I might gain by being able to pull that RF speaker out from the wall??

I know, I know... overall, this room is PERFECT for a HT if that damn computer desk wasn't stuck in the right front corner. I built the room to hold an 8' pool table, which we sold last fall, so it is something like 12' across the front, 16-18' deep, and over 8 foot ceilings. The electronics are built into the left wall with speaker jacks for the mains also built-in as well as a 4" piece of PVC pipe embedded in the wall low for video feed to the TV, etc. If we could move the computer, I'd center the HT on the front wall and be done with it.. oh well.
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    So you're really a writer huh?

    As to your questions, I don't think you will lose that much by having the surrounds on the back wall. Better if you can situate the viewing position a few feet in front of them.
    You can see (system showcase)that I mounted them the same way.
    They definitely sounded better before I got the reclining loveseat and had to move it back so as to be able to put up the footrest without it sticking way out into the room.
    I also reversed the speakers, so that the main driver faces the sweet spot.

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    I have my surrounds placed on a bookshelf in the back of the room, at about 4' height. They clear the back of the couch and are just about at head level. I have them angled in towards the listener, because I like precise location of effects, as opposed to a more diffuse soundfield preferred by some listeners, especially dipole owners.

    Despite being able to localize sound effects easily, the soundfield is nevertheless enveloping, and I can recommend rear placement of surrounds as a viable option.

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