New speakers are on the site

fireshoesfireshoes Posts: 3,212
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I just noticed the new subs plus new speaker packages are on the web site now. Hopefully they haven't been there for a month and I never noticed lol
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  • fireshoesfireshoes Posts: 3,212
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    I'm looking at the RTi150's and drooling......:)

    Wow, the 404 costs less the 450, and even though it's a 10 instead of a 12, plays just as low and has more power.
  • fireshoesfireshoes Posts: 3,212
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    I am thinking the woofers are passive since the specs page doesn't list any amplifier information, and the recommended wattage is up to 500. Interesting that its -3 db rating is 26, which is lower than any of the current subs claim. Two midranges would have been nice though. They will be some bangin speakers though, for sure.
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    They are passive....I saw a pair on my visit to Polk...they do look dead sexy.

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    150i 26-26k and 500wpc ummm me like, says the bass compartment is sealed from the mid and tweeter, even better
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