Time to upgrade?

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I've been thinking about parting with my RT12's for about a year now and I was leaning towards Paradigm because I didn't see much improvement in the RT800/RTi70's and powered towers just don't do it for me, but after reading the posts here on the new LSi Series I think I'm going to go give them a listen at my local ( 69 miles away ) dealer.

I currently have a H/K AVR7000, is that going to be able to handle LSi15/LSiC/LSiFX while I round up the cash (i.e. beg my wife) for some separates or do I need to do a complete system upgrade?

Anyone have any recommendations?

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    Why are you getting rid of the 12's? Don't like them?
    comment comment comment comment. bitchy.
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    Probably just bored of them I guess. Don't get me wrong. I love my RT12's. Just time for something bigger and better.

    I started with a pair of Polk Monitor 7's and a Sony STR-Something receiver when I was about 12 years old. Since then I've owned a variety of Polk speakers and various Receiver / amp combinations. I've just never stopped upgrading I guess. Someday (budget permitting) my living room will probably be filed with Krell and the like. Hopefully Polk will continue to make speakers that will appease my ever-changing appetite.

    P.S. I'm proud to say I still own my monitor 7's and use them daily.

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    If you're looking for a meaningful upgrade over your RT12's you won't find it in the RTi line. Definitely check out the LSi line. In my opinion they are a better sounding speaker than the Paradigm Studio line.

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