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I just installed a Polk/Momo MM10 with a 500 watt rockfard amp and its hits perfect but the sub hits the grill thats covering the sub. I dont wanna take it off cause it looks amazing. I was just wondering if it would damage my sub or not, or if anyone had any suggestions.
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    well... one of two things bud...

    either the sub is defective (some of the momo's were recalled due to the surround not being glued down as well as they expected it to be and the sub would flap like you are describing).

    or... more likely --- you're dumping an "a$$-load" of power on it, and the grille is just too close to the sub.

    If this is the case, I have a good suggestion for you.

    Take the grille off, and get about 20 metal washers... put 5 under each screw where the grille screws down.. this way you've "raised" the grille about 1/4 inch off the surface of the box... that way u keep your snazzy grille look while you have added enough distance for the woofer to excurt to its full potential.

    and yes, if you repeatedly slam the woofer hard enough into the grille, it's gonna take a toll on the suspension.
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