HDTV Decoder?

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What type of HD decoder are you guys using? I was thinking of the Mitsubishi SR-HD500 satelite system.

Right now I am using Cox digital cable (it sucks) which offers no HD broadcasts. One local tv station is set to begin HD programming over the air in September.

Cox cable (in my area) currently does not have HD programming and has not offered a set top HD box for a monthly fee. My area is always the last to receive new technology.

Basically, I was wondering if the high cost of the decoder is worth the money now, or are you guys waiting until HD broadcasts are more widespread and the decoders fall in price? Further, how many channels are available in HD on Direct TV? (HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, HDnet) What about sporting events such as football on major networks? I am going to assume that I will have to get major networks HD broadcasts such as CBS over the air via antenna. Any word on when these (NBC, CBS, etc.) will be available over the satellite in HD?

In addition, are there any drawbacks to getting a decoder/satellite receiver combo versus separates?

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