RM6600 and PSW 350

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I realize the nature of this thread is very similiar to the "RM6600 and PSW 450" thread. Apologize for the redundancy but maybe between the two threads I can weed out some of my confusion.

I have a sony str-de 845 receiver. I've been playing with a multitude of various settings with the subwoofer. The latest I've settled on is using one of the subwoofer outs on the receiver directly into the LFE input on the PSW 350. That being said, my crossover point for all of the speakers (Front, surrounds, center) is at 120hz. Will there be a benefit to raising it to 150hz? Is the PSW 350 capable of faithfully producing frequencies that high? Also, will I be "double filtering" with this set-up?

Thanks for all the help.
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    It's kinda like Ken said, if you raise the high pass filter on the satellites, you'll be double filtering them. Which is Bad. But if you don't raise the low pass filter on the sub, it's not reacing high enough to blend with them. Which is bad. In my opinion, if you've got it all crossing over at 120, that's fine, you can try raising it to 150 if you can, Just go with what sounds best. Let that be the rule for anything you do.
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    Well, I guess that's what I don't understand. How am I double filtering? Doesn't using the line input(mono) on the sub negate the crossover in the sub so it just plays whatever signal it gets? And then the satellites are only receiving the filtered signal from the receiver at whatever hz rating I designate since the speakers are running directly from the front l and r outputs on the receiver. Unless, there is some truth to the idea that the satellites have an internal crossover(I don't see how that's possible)... but if they did have an internal crossover wouldn't they be double filtered even if I ran the satellites through the sub per polk's recommendation(the sub plus the satellites crossover). Hope this makes some sense.
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    Let me reply to myself real quick:

    As per the other thread, it seems then to set the fronts to large IF I can get the subwoofer to play all frequencies below 150. Because the satellites would use their own "internal" crossover... Shouldn't I by the same taken set all the speakers to large then? I'm getting more confused ; 0

    And-- assuming there is the internal crossover and I have the speakers running out of the amp directly... shouldn't the satellites play the frequency unaltered since the crossover point on the receiver is set at 150 as would be the satellites own internal crossover point? If it is accurate shouldn't the speakers see the signal is only running 150hz+ and there for not alter it?

    Thanks again for any and all help.
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    Okay, Polk put high pass filters in the 6600 satellites because they can't handle bass. So by their reasoning you don't want to set you're speakers to "small" because this will double filter the satellites. The receiver will have a HPF and so will the satellites. But then again, you don't want to set them to "Large" because then your bass management it shot, and any bass sent to the satellites will be lost.

    This is why Polk reccommends running the line for your front speakers through the sub. You can then cross your sub over higher (because it's receiving a full signal), and you're not double filtering the Satellites (because they're receiving a full signal). To get that full signal to the front two, they have to be set to "large" with sub set to "off". The Center and rears should be set to small because proper bass management is more important than worring about double filtering. If you were to set them to large, any bass sent there would be lost.

    Personally I don't like running the front speakers through the sub, but that is why Polk Reccommends it.

    Also, I think this is becoming way too complicated, as I said earlier, Just hook it up how it sounds best.
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