LSi 15's vs Totem Forest?

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Just wondering anyone (Mantis, Aaron...ect) has ever listen to the Totem Acoustic Speakers/theForest line? I had some extra time today and had a short audition to a pair........they sounded very deep/clear and on the top of the each speaker they placed a metal weight...they call it a beak tuning tuning pod......I believe these speakers were powered by Krell's........(I do not know alot about pre/power amps....I assume they will definitely make a big difference in the sound for the speakers than power the speakers with a receiver.

My questions....................................?

How does the Polk Lsi 15's compare to these speakers in the bass department and clarity?

Would you put the Polk Lsi 15's in the same league as the Forest or visa versa?

I'm just curious because I haven't seen any Lsi 15's here in my part of town (Canada)....only the Rt lines......Just wondering if they would about the same better/worst. However the Totem Forsest is little out of my price range.


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  • mantismantis Posts: 15,447
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    Thats a very good question,
    allow me retort.........
    The Totem lines are nothing less then Dynaudio's with different cabnets.Totem is a cabnet making company not a speaker making company........they use all Dynaudios driver's.

    Nonetheless, they sound fantastic...i sat with them alot of times....Wow there nice..even the little arrows are unbelievable.Super nice speakers.But they sound like Dynaudio's and Id rather have the real thing over a substitute.
    With that being said, the Lsi 15's could hang in there with the same quality of amps...I wouldn't mate the Lsi 15's with Krell,thats way overkill but good low to mid line seperates all day long.
    Speakers are personal and it's extremely hard to answer a question like that honestly.For me Id buy the Lsi 15's in a heartbeat over the Totems......price points are higher with Totems....but there built quality is way better.There cabnets are rock solid and beautifull....and they offer more then 2 colors.....which is one of my beefs with the Lsi's.
    Money always helps the desiding factor..if you can't afford it, then you need to find what you like in your respective price point..
    You see I have a way out there taste but I can't afford what I really would like to have.Id rather have Krell and Dynaudio Convidence c4's and the rest of the Theater package...but thats a fantasy for me...thats why I'm all the way Lsi and Rotel.
    You really need to deside how much money you can spend ,then attack the market with alittle room,sometimes you need to spend just that extra buck or 3 and you'll really get into some fantastic equipment.
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  • AaronAaron Posts: 1,853
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    Haven't heard Totem, sorry. Go take a listen and report back. It'll be fun and educational.

  • Frank ZFrank Z Polk-a-dweeb Posts: 5,967
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    I tried listening to Totem "Pole" a long time ago. Basically a waste of time frequency response at all.
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  • SPEAKER7SPEAKER7 Posts: 355
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    You said it! Yesterday I came back from the demo and I mentioned to my brother in law and ask him if he has heard of Totem speakers......the only thing he said was they were good speakers and alot of their work was in their cabinents and also they were a bit too pricey. I believe they were 2000.00cdn each......but the demo pair was going for 1799.00cdn. I guess they will cost even more in the US because of the paper work across the border.

    What I found amazing was how deep/low end the speakers can go with only two tweeter and one 6.5in driver...... but anyways I'm still dreaming at this point. It almost appears that there was a sub somewhere's in the room.

    As for the Lsi 15's........which I would love to have a pair of and to matched them with the Rotels for my two channel set up......but the prices here in Canada is quite more expensive because of the dollar exchange.....too bad the listed prices in the US can not be at par with the Canadian that case the speakers will definitely be sitting at my home very soon.

    thanks for your take!


  • mantismantis Posts: 15,447
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    anytime man
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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