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I've run my computer audio through an old 2 channel receiver and a pair of Bose AM5 speakers for quite a few years now & have always loved the setup, esp. when comparing it to regular computer speakers.


1. My old receiver died @ 7-8 months ago, so I replaced it with an Harmon/Kardon AVR-120 receiver (I love the AVR-510 I use in the family room HT setup & the price was right at the time so why not?).

2. I recently upgraded my computer, and now have Dolby Certified DD 5.1 audio built into the computer (Asus A7N266-C motherboard with the nvidia nforce 415D chipset). The audio output is via an S/PDIF coax digital connection.


I figured that since I now had a surround sound receiver and a machine capable of DD 5.1 audio perhaps it was time to upgrade the speakers.

To make a long & agonizing story short(er) - I ended up picking up a set of Polk Audio RM6600 speakers with the PSW350 sub. Got them off Ebay brand new & with full warranty from an outfit up in New Jersy for substantially less than I could have anywhere else.

The speakers are simply awesome. I had some problems at first getting the powered subwoofer positioned and set correctly (never had a powered sub before & quickly discovered that placement is absolutely critical to sound quality), but once I got everything set to my liking the results were incredible. These speakers - small though they may be - absolutely rock.

Watching DVDs on the computer with DD 5.1 audio is a real treat (WinDVD supports DD 5.1 audio) & beats the hell out of my old 2 channel setup. My den/office is now my personal home theater.

Listening to music (my entire CD collection has been ripped & encoded to mp3 format) is wonderful - I can switch the computer's audio output between Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital with a few mouse clicks. For listening to music I set the audio to output as Dolby Pro Logic and have the receiver surround mode set to 5 Channel Stereo so I can use all of the speakers for loud ear-bleeding sound.

Holy cow, but it sounds good!

Games are starting to come out that support DD 5.1 audio too. Warcraft III actually supports it right out of the box, & the surround sound adds quite a bit of ambience to the game. Can't wait for Doom III or the next UT game. FPS games with real surround sound are going to be fantastic!

Well, I'm broke now & the wife was not very happy with me initally (although I think she's over it now) - but all in all I'd have to say I'm extremely happy with the end result, & I guess that's all that really matters. :)
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    Sounds pretty cool, man! Check out the setup I had in my apartment/dorm room a year ago (below). I had rear speakers as well, but they're not pictured.


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    You might wanna get some vibrapods for your gear. That is a sub it's sitting on, right?
    2 cents.
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    Aaron - haha, those are some awfully big speakers for a computer audio setup... :)

    Very nice!
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    I wonder if the people within his facinity were pleased as well.. :)
    The first year I was there we had some really hot girls living next to us. Somehow I don't think they were amused by my occasional Top Gun demos, and they never really talked to us. Can't imagine why. :rolleyes:

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