Info on 20+ year old JVC-S41 integrated AMP?

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I have an old JVC integrated AMP model JA-S41 which I picked up used in the early 80's for $50. Used this AMP for years to drive my mid 80's SDA-CRS speakers.

Never had any problems with the AMP, put would like to get information on it's performance if the info is out there.

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    There is a vintage gear forum over at They might be able to help you with the information.
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    oak tree vintage
    they have alot of vintage gear,worth a try.

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    Have you contacted JVC?? That is where I would've started.
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    man i liek them vintage jvc's on oak tree vintage...thos old jvc's kick arse...especially the 120 wats per channel...120 clean wats all the way through...thats awesome receivers for 90 dollars going weights 150 pounds i
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