Please help on 27" TV Purchase!

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I have $550. I need a new TV. My old 27" is just out of alignment now and causing a pincushion effect. Right now my two options are:

Sony KV-27FS100
Toshiba 27AF42

I crave a crisp picture... one that makes reading text almost bearable on a Analog TV. I also like strong contrast... whiter whites.

Are there any other options? Which one of these TVs might better suit my needs? I'll be watching DVD's 50% of the time... football the rest of the time....

I was also darn close to buying a Samsung 30" HDTB in 16:9 perspective. (Yes I know more than $550, but it seemed like a good deal) I was uncertain about Samsung, and the fact that it seemed too good of a deal.

I've looked at these models in person, but Im hoping to draw on the experiences of some of you!

Thanks much for any help!! :)
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    The main difference between the sony and the toshiba is the anamorphic 16:9 squeeze that is available on the sony. It is for widescreen dvds, and it allows the horizontal pixels to be squeezed into the area of the tv that is actually being used for a widescreen DVD, making the picture much better. Other than that feature, which does make a big difference with DVD's, the two are very comparable in terms of their pictures. I am in that same price range market right now, but I think I might go with a curved screen 32" instead, I think I will prefer the size or the minor enhancement in picture, with a 27" watching a widescreen DVD, even with the squeeze feature it is still pretty small. A 32" is 40% larger in surface area, and in this size range I think it makes more sense to go with a curved component input 32, I am leaning towards the Toshiba 32A42. Good luck, I've been debating this for months, I plan to buy in the next few weeks.
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    Thanks for the input!

    other than the curved screen have you found the quality to be similar?

    this might be a good alternative....
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    Because the signal at audio/video stores is split a bajillion times the picture on these tvs usually looks like crap. The flatscreens do look a little clearer, and the appear of the tv itself is definately eye catching, the flat screen reduces glare etc, and if the price for flat and curved were the same I would definately go flat. But a flat 32 costs between 700-900 and I would rather spend 500 now and a couple thousand in 5 years and get something real nice. In this size range most input I have gotten ( says to go with the 32" and get the bigger size.
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