upgrade CS400 with CS1000p?

moorefieldmoorefield Posts: 23
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Building a dedicated HT room. I enjoy my Polks but want more out of the center. Does anyone have any experience/opinion on the CS1000p/CS400? Other than increased bass, are the two centers identical? The room will be 90% tv/dvd.
Room 12x26x8

Hitachi 50" rear proj. (analog)
Denon AVR-2801
Denon DVD-1000
RT2000p bi-wired
CS400 bi-wired
RT15i surrounds
sub? (still searching)
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  • nascarmannnascarmann Posts: 1,464
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    Yes they are almost identical except for the (2) 6.5 subs. IMO....the extra $400.00 for the 1000 would be better spent on a second sub or $400.00 more on a killer sub.
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