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Present setup in new house has these speakers to either side of cabinet housing 50' older projection tv, with side cabinets for components. We will soon go to new projection tv that will not fit in these cabinets. spouse would like to put tv in corner, which would put speakers on adjacent walls. Room is large enough that to get speakers facing majority of seating area, speakers would be less than perpendicular to each other, and not parellel to walls, but would also not be as far apart as present setup requires.
assuming that I can adjust distance from adjacent walls, will this be ok, or would I be better off 'up against the wall' as present?
Center is CS350, with FX300 surrounds.
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    If I am understanding u correctly - tv in corner gives you a type of diamond layout. I hear and read about this "problem" alot.
    Solution every time is to place speakers so that your fronts and rears still resemble a square/rectangle layout. This works best with a horseshoe or L type couch in the opposite corner of room. Follow? :)
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