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Question for you all. Do you prefer passive tone controls or active? I just bought a used Onkyo Integra P-304 off of Ebay and it has the passive tone equalization. With the tone controls set at zero, flat response, it doesn't sound as crisp as my old preamp at the same setting. I did turn them both up one notch and it helped tremendously and the crispness came back on-line. I can hear more instruments with the Onkyo and the specs are very nice for the preamp.
What are your recommendations, advice, differences, for the different types of tone controls? And, maybe, does anyone have any advice for this particular preamp?
Thanks guys!
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    I think equalization is a matter of taste. Lets keep it simple. The sounds you hear are affected by the size, shape, and content of your listening room. The reason you have tone controls is so you can, if you choose, compensate for differences in your room acoustics. Bottom line, adjust if necessary, and enjoy your system.
    I look at flat, or zero as a reference point for boost, or cut....
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