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silly question... but is the "left(black) RCA" the mono on the 250 sub? i used a "y"to hook them both in to the amp ... just reallized that i was double filtering the sub . thx (sorry for being so ... weell you know, man o' man my old nakamichi just had red&white rca's, then i had to go and buy a MARANTZ(with all the colors of the rainbow. lol:D
--MARANTZ SR18ex 140wpc x 5 (high current/direct amp)thx-ex "ultra"
electrohome tube amp 15watt. pr channel(aprox.1955a.d.) for 2 channel audio{recently recapped& tubed-5ar4power rect. & 12au7)
-kenwood amp(km-996/140wpc(used for 7.1 rears(thx ex)
-toshiba dvd video/audio player(progressive scan) sd-4700
-sony sacd cd player scd-xe670
-nakamichi "music bank cd player "6+1disk(20bit dac)
-toshiba hifi vcr (v3 pro head)
-motorola digital cable box
-RCA 32' "home theater" PIP tv
-polk RT800i x 2 (mains) ~bi-wired
-polk sc400i x 1 (center) ~bi-wired
-polk fx300i x 2 (side fx) ~di-pole
-polk r10 x 2 (rears)
-polk pws250 (powered sub)
-2x173ltr(48"-16")sono subs(powered by kenwood kr-7200 250watt & w/ audiosource EQ (model eq eight/series II)
-Thorens td-166 mk II/Grado silver fs1
-Thorens td-160/empire 66cart
-Dual 601
-D.I.Y. carfea "little big horns"-(pioneer full range 8" & fostex 4" compression horn tweaters
-sony (ps1)
-sony (ps2)

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    As for the left vs. right: I think you can use either one (or use both with a "Y") according to the Polk manual. The volume on the sub has to be cranked up a little higher if you just use one.

    The 250 doesn't have an unfiltered "LFE IN", so no matter how you wire it, you going to be running through the variable low-pass filter on the sub.

    I have the PSW250, (but not in nearly as an elaborate setup as yours) and I've found I get the best performance out of it by using the speaker-level connections. The old DPL receiver that I'm using it with has a fixed, 200Hz, very gradual roll-off on the sub output, and it sounded terrible hooked up that way.

    I didn't study your system layout too carefully, but I'm assuming you're using the 250 as a sub for your surrounds. It might be better, placement-wise, to use the speaker level connetions anyway.