New SL3000 tweets on the way.

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I have been informed by Polk that they have a line on the some new replacements for the SL3000's. The price has gone up 8 bucks to $88 a piece (non-club price). They will be available in late August. I'll be needing between 2-6 depending on the new looks and performance. If they just tweek'd the ugly 2500's, I may have to look elsewhere.
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    The replacement SL2000 tweets look much better than the ugly SL2500's. FYI.

    Also, the replacement SL2000 tweets sound DAMN good; personally, I think they sound better than the SL3000.
    The SL2000 replacements aren't silver though - they are black.

    Let me know what the color/appearance of the SL3000 replacement. Also, let me know how it sounds.
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    Keep us posted. If they are any good I might grab never know.
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