Hooking up a psw450 ?

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I'm getting a Polk 450 subwoofer and have a question
about hooking it up. In reading the info on Polk's website,
they recommend running the left and right front speaker
cables into the subwoofer, then using the subwoofer's
output to run to the front speakers. They recommend
that method over using the sub out. Has anyone tried
both methods? Which one worked better?
Thanks, Mike
Fronts: SDA1C's
Rears: SDA2's
Sub: PSW505
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  • GuitarheadCA
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    I think one reason they reccommend doing it that way, is because many recievers are inconsistant with use of the sub pre out. For example, they will run the sub in some sound modes, and not others. Also, some recievers simply don't have sub pre outs.

    Personally, I like using the sub- pre out on the reciever, and not using the speaker level ins and outs. You gain the benifit of being able to fine tune the sub volume through the reciever, and if you set your bass management right, you shouldn't notice any problems.

    Of course, try them both, and go with what sounds best.
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    It depends upon your receiver's options. I have a Yamaha that allows simultaneous output of the bass to both the subwoofer and the main speakers (RT800i). I have the subwoofer connected to the line level inputs of the receiver.

    The main advantage, in my opinion, is what happens with DVDs. I have found that when just connecting at line level, the speakers sounded a bit bass shy when an LFE was not present.

    There is no absolute right answer. Try both options and decide what sounds best for you room and your preferences.