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Anyone have any suggestions or tips as to how I could install a sub in the jeep, more importantly, how to keep it out of the weather and also prevent theft?

I do not wish to consider the pre-fab'd sub that mopar offers--to identifiable and easy to steal!
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    The best solution we found for Jeeps when I was in retail was to put them behind the back seat aiming down at the floor. Make sure the woofers are a few inches off the floor, and they can be aimed towards the front of the vehicle slightly. You should be able to fit (2) 10"s easily and (2) 12"s should fit with a little more carefull layout. One sub won't be a problem.

    This way the woofers are less visible (only the top of the box can be seen) and they're protected form the elements (but I wouldn't recommend letting an MDF box get wet, either).
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    In addition to Thom's suggestion... I'd like to agree with it, and add this suggestion as well...

    before "finishing" the box... you should give it one or two coats of a high quality wood preservative --- (i know it doesn't readily soak in, but give it a while and teh stuff sorta gets in there)... then give it two coats of some Minwax outdoor varnish. This will make the box pretty weather resistant. you can then carpet it to match the vehicle ... that way its not "very easy to see" or anything.

    after that you should be able to drive around in a light drizzle and not worry about it --- (worry about your amps though... get electrical gear wet and you're in trouble).
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    try spraying the box with rihno lining or the tuff bed stuff it will make the box indestructable and weather proof...
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    Well, what i did with my jeep, I have 2001 Hard top wrangler, was have the subs installed in the floor of my jeep. I had it cut out subs and all, and I have a plexi-glass covering so that it is visible, because I have neon rings around my subs, and it is impossible to steal, unless you feel likd jacking up a jeep and then taking about 4 hrs, the time it took to install, and steal the subs. It didn't cost that much and it looks so cool. I even have carpet cutouts that match my interior so when you look at the floor all you see is a neon ring and two gxr's hitting hard as hell!!!!! Or you could have the subs custom done to fit under the back seat of your jeep, and have an, amp housing placed under your seat, q-logic offers a custom box to do this, this is another good looking and sounding method. Good luck on your prob :D
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    i am very curious as to how you installed the subs? do you have any pictures? any help would be great for myself and my jeep wrangler.
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    Um, dude, that post is 8 years old. He's not going to answer you, genius.

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