Yet Another RCA Audio Cable Inquiry

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These are the brands available locally in my price range. Looking for brief opinions re the best value for the money. Choices are Monster, Acoustic Research, Audioquest, Radio Shack Gold, Philips (yes, Philips has something they consider premium, a cut above generic-looking red & whites). My max budget is about $40 for 1 meter, which is about the same as the Audioquest Sidewinder. However, if you think another of the above brands offers better ratio of price to quality, please say so. I know this is a subjective, flame-inducing topic, but I am not asking you to justify. If you want to elaborate, fine, but picking one based on your honest opinion is all I'm asking for. Thanks.
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    I am very pleased with my Audioquest cables. I have had Monster, AR, Radio Shack, Phillips and other inexpensive cables and in my mind the Audioquest are better (I never had the opportunity to test the best Monster cables). When I listened to a few set of mid price cables, Audioquest sounded the best to me.
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    Checkout, you'll get more bang for the buck.
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