SVS subs and Rocket speakers

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Just curious but who are these two companies and how long have they been in buisness? It seems they're popular on many other a/v forums but I don't recall reading up on them in any
audio magazines (maybe I'm just too pro+ polk!).

Are they reputable? Especially where I've heard the Rocket had to redesign their speaker because of a lawsuit against them.

Rocket speakers now also have the vifa tweeters. Great. Who's next to have them? :rolleyes:

The svs subs have a vertical design. Is this the new design of subs to come? Any advantage to this?
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    I don't know anything about Rocket speakers.

    SVS has been in business a few years - their website will provide details.

    I'm taking a chance on SVS, after extensively demo-ing one of their subs (my buddy owns one) and reading dozens of comments from satisfied owners and stellar independent reviews. I have 45 days to decide if I want to keep it, and I eat the shipping costs if I return it.

    The advantages of cylinder subs are largely structural - a cylinder is inherently stronger than a box and needs no internal bracing at corners, etc. It takes up less floor space in exchange for more vertical space. They are certainly more obtrusive (low WAF), so if you or your significant other don't like an obvious sub, you might want to stay away from cylinders.

    Either design can be made to sound good - there does not seem to be any clear advantage in this area.

    There are many fine subs on the market, some costing thousands of dollars. Many of them I have never even heard, and probably never will. There are many opinions on who makes the best subs and why. In the end, it will come down to personal taste, your ear, and perceived value.

    I try to avoid exclusively recommending anything I own (or will own) simply because I certainly haven't heard all the competition, and doing so under that pretense makes one appear narrow minded. I ask more experienced enthusiasts and rely heavily on independent reviews, particularly those that contain a great deal of objective data and comparisons and shoot-outs.

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    you can go to and learn more about rocket speakers. rocket came about after B&W sued the owner over
    the Diva line of speakers which closely resemble the comparable
    B&W's. European parts assembled in China Full system top of the line about 2800 sans sub they recommend using HSU
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