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I received the connecting cable from Polk today for my SDA2's.
I hooked it up and was expecting to hear the incredible SDA
experience. Instead, I heard good imaging but not great
imaging. I have my speakers 9 feet apart and 8 inches from
the wall. I tried sitting anywhere from 7 to 10 feet in front
of the speakers. I played various cd's and dvd's like 'Kind
of Blue', 'Two against nature', 'Abbey Road', 'and Fantasia 2000'.
I'm getting a great sound from the speakers and the vocals sound
like I'm using a center channel. The imaging is great from speaker
to speaker but I'm not getting any of the type of imaging outside
of the speakers, behind me or from the ceiling like I have read
about others getting. Perhaps I don't have them set up exactly
right or am not playing the right discs. Any help and info will
be appreciated to increase the SDA imaging.
Thanks, Mike

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Fronts: SDA1C's
Rears: SDA2's
Sub: PSW505
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    post questions in one place only, or we will charge you double.
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