Passing down the 10's

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Yesterday morning while we were getting ready to head to the Jaguar's game my 4-year old grandson, the littleist RT1 asked me if I wanted to come and listen to music in his room with him, but he said we had to play it LOUD. Now he does come and sit with me from time to time in the Shed but it still sort of caught me unaware.

He walks up to his mostly Sony rig and knows what buttons to punch to get the tuner playing and then gives the volume knob a spin. Of course I got a big grin and we sat and listened to his rig a bit, him bobbing his head and doing his jump/dance.

Man this is what I am talking about. Now this little guy did attend PF07 and picked the winning raffle ticket, played with Hugo, found TLW magic stones and generally had a fun time. There are some shots in the Showcase.

Anyway, I am passing on my 10's for him to rock on with.

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    Awesome stuff, broham.
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    When I first saw your pics, I didn't know that you are related. This all happened while I was nursing a 36 hour stint + hangover. My first impression of seeing your pics was... what a match!

    You know he is keeping a log of your gear and what he wants for his next B-day?
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    The future of hifi is alive and well.
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    Sweet :D

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    Outstanding!!! Rock on lil RT1!
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    yep, hook em while there young.
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