Week #10 in the NFL...

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And Broncos Win...Swept the Raiders this year. Yeah, I'm lovin' it!!

Upsets today out the yang!

Gimme your best Ah Shiznit! story of the day.
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  • bobman1235
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    Did the Pats lose to the Jets? Really?

    Remember when the Patriots used to be good? Smart with clock management? The best 2 minute drill in the game? Remember that team?

    Now we're the team who throws down the middle with a minute fifteen to go? Really? Cuz I hate that team.
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    Boy...Atlanta and Vick are looking really good now :rolleyes: ...especially after some of you guys were singing their praises a couple of weeks ago. Back to back losses to Detroit and Cleveland. Your talking them up was worse than being on the cover of SI.

    Cincy choked big time.

    TN really does suck.

    JAX and KC have proved they are average at best...
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    shack wrote:

    JAX and KC have proved they are average at best...

    ya, I was really disappointed in KC's effort today. We should have kicked their tails all over that field. It didn't help that we had our Star LB out, out Star Guard out, and our QB still nursing his injury on the sideline. Regardless, we should have cleaned them up.

    My hopes for a playoff run are very thin tonight.

    Good comeback win for the Donkeys. I was hoping Chokeland might have pulled it out. Oh well.
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  • krabby5
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    Vikings are on their way to the Superbowl...

    Look out for their high-powered offense...:rolleyes:
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  • mrbigbluelight
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    There's only one explanation........somebody has to be in league with the devil.

    Fer cryin' out loud !!

    One good thing, I guess....although my Rams lost, Seattle didn't cover the spread.

    I get a kick out of the announcers talking about Bulger's QB rating, and how Jackson is such a powerful back, and ..... yadda yadda yadda.
    I can't help but think of an old saying: Winners look at the scoreboard, losers look at statistics.

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    Go jets!! a much needed win today.
  • ohskigod
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    J-e-t-s Jets Jets Jets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Shizelbs
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    Seattle has a very gifted athlete in its backup QB. I am very happy they've gone 2 and 1 during Hasselback's injury. Beating the Rams today was huge for the Seahawks.
  • Toxis
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    I'm not convinced KC showed up to play today. Huard didn't bring his A-game that's for sure. I can't even say it was a good defensive effort on Miami's part as just Huard not playing well.
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    I was at the Jax game yesterday, pretty dismal display by Jax, wide receivers acted "scared" to lay it out, along with alot bad penalties. Fred Taylor did play well for the Jaguars.

    GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ahorvitz
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    Ugh, the Pats didn't show up for that one. One possession we're scoring in 31 seconds, all others, we can't figure out the Jets D. We've lost to every decent team we've played. Hell, we're helping the Jets into the 6 seed.

    I suck at picking games.
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  • ND13
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    Looks like Romo is the real deal. Over 300 yds, 2 tds and 0 ints in only his 3rd career game and 2nd start. Too bad it took till half-way through the season for Parcells to make the change. They still have a chance at making the playoffs, but can only afford one or two more losses.
  • dagame27
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    You gotta love Romo, Noel. I am still finishing grad school at Eastern Illinois and he is like a legend here. His jersey is still hanging in the closest bar to the football field. Too bad we suck now.
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