Actor Jack Palance has passed away

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    death of a bad-@ss

    allways liked that guy
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    Always liked the voice. RIP Mr. P.
    Michael ;)
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    He was perfect for the hard ****, tough as nails roles. Great actor, RIP.
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    Damn, I always liked Mr. Palance. RIP
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    Fine actor with a creepy voice that always scared the $hit out of me! RIP!
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    RIP Curly!!!

    A wonderful character actor who finally got recognized after his career was almost over.:rolleyes:

    I wonder if he's doing any one-armed push-ups, wherever he is????:)

    One thing that a lot of people don't know, about Mr Palance, is that he was a very generous and kind man, off the screen. Pretty much a complete opposite of the majority of his on-screen personas.
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    1950's war flick "Attack" was my favorite Jack Palance performance.
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    Loved him in "Young Guns" as Lawrence G. Murphy.
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    My three favorites of his were "Attack", "Shane," & "Barabbas."

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    Great actor....very underated.
    I will always remember his Academy awards spot, the one where he did one arm pushups and remarked....
    "Billy Crystal? Hell, I crap bigger than Billy Crystal."