Rutgers Baby!!!...Holy Cow!!!

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I'll be damned, I live in the area and I had no idea they were that good. After so many years of lifeless football, over 100 yrs I think. It's great to see a program turn it around like they did. The fans streaming on to the field was just insane. How far can they can go is any bodies guess but they do put a sparkle back into college football. When you see what teams like Miami have lowered themselves to it's just nice to see a local tiny, tiny school pull it off. Sometimes it's not even about winning or losing, it's just about seeing the excitement & joy on the kid's faces. Priceless!!!
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    I caught the last quarter on TV. What a great game! Rutgers didn't beat a ranked team since 1988, then they knock off the #3 team in the country!
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    I'm very happy for the entire student body. They made history. It has been headline news, did everyone see the fans storm the field?
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    Dirty Jersey represents!!!!! :D
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