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This is a movie I remember from the late 70s and was released for the first time on DVD on Tuesday. I picked it up from Best Buy for $14.95. I just got through watching it. It is sort of a surfing, coming of age, Vietnam War, It traces the lives of three California surfers (Gary Busey, Jan-Michael Vincent and William Katt) from 1962 until 1977. The story line is a little predictable but good enough to keep your interest. It is only in DD 2.0 (Dolby PLII came in handy here). The main reason to get this movie is the cinematography. If you like surfing at all this is one really good looking movie. I had seen this movie on showtime or something several years ago and I don't remember this movie looking this good. This isn't like Endless Summer in that there is a story line (several) and it is much better than the any of the stupid surfer movies from the 60s. If you have a few extra bucks and want to see a really good looking movie, check this one out.

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