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Hi from Germany to all of you..

I just bought the PolkMomo MM 120-sub. Right now I'm wondering what enclosure sounds best. Sealed or ported? I read the instructions on the polksite, but I am not quite satisfied yet.

Has anyone a link where it's written down how to build an enclosure step by step? It's the first time for me trying to set up an enclosure, so help is more than needed

Over here in Germany I've seen enclosures already build up especially for the MM 120. Can you recommend them?

For every kind of help I am thankful,

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    We recommend a sealed enclosure of .88 cu. ft. for the MM120 woofer. I don't know what that equals in liters but if you can find a sealed box with the proper airspace you'll be fine. As far as building a box- if you've never done it before it's probably not worth it. Here in the US pre- fab MDF enclosures have gotten so cheap it doesn't make sense to make one yourself unless you want a shape or size that's not available. Sorry for the late reply...
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    k... lets do some math...

    0.88 cubic feet... ... you get this from INTERNAL BOX DIMENSIONS!!! not external.. we want internal air space.

    so 0.88 cubes is for example 1 foot high X 1 foot wide X 0.88 feet deep...

    so that's 0.3048 meters X 0.3048 meters X 0.268224 meters
    gives us an internal box volume of 0.0249 cubic Meters for a 12 inch subwoofer.

    similar math can be figured for a 10 inch sub. (0.66 cubic feet)

    material to build a box -- 3/4 inch to 1 inch thick Medium Density Fiberboard (for the beginner) or if you're a real nut and wanna try something different... use Birch Plywood... but be prepared for a slightly different sound.
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