MM 120 - how to build an enclosure?

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Hi from Germany to all of you..

I just bought the PolkMomo MM 120-sub. Right now I'm wondering what enclosure sounds best. Sealed or ported? I read the instructions on the polksite, but I am not quite satisfied yet.

Has anyone a link where it's written down how to build an enclosure step by step? It's the first time for me trying to set up an enclosure, so help is more than needed :lol:

Over here in Germany I've seen enclosures already build up especially for the MM 120. Can you recommend them?

For every kind of help I am thankful,

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    Welcome to the Forum! You may have better luck trying this question over in the "On the Move" section. This tangle of threads is geared more towards home audio. Some topics cross-over, but seldom do enclosures. Unless you're trying to build an in-home sub. Either way you can download a copy of "Boxplot" (shareware) and go from there. Good luck!
    Make it Funky! :)
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    Hi Mark,
    thanks for your kind advise. I just posted it in the "On The Move"-section. Polk rules! :lol: