John Entwistle (Who bassist) is Dead

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"Breaking News" on MSNBC as of 5:30 central time.
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    I enjoyed their music in my youth. I think the song "Who Are You" was the 1st to use the "F" word that got radio play.
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    A pioneering bass player,,,,he will be missed!

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    Very good bassist, the bassline in My Generation (just for example), listen if you haven't recently. Whether or not you dug the music, you have to admit, he contributed.

    Big question here, they were kicking off a Tour at the Hard Rock in Vegas, 700 seats, HIGH priced....I'm sure they will cancel the gig, if not the whole tour.... BUT, anyone remember when Keith Moon bought the farm, did they keep on with the tour(s)? I do realize money may have been a different issue back at the time, but this is one of the few bands that enjoyed the 'dual' release of their music. First on LP, then again later with CD.

    I'm sure money is not an issue anymore, but they seem to be the type that would follow the creed of 'the show must go on'.

    Regardless, you have to give them props, any one band, that has been around for damn near 40 yrs, and rocks just as hard now, as when they started.....there is something to be said about that.

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    He had a good life. May he ROCK on forever!
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    Cohen's back.

    The fact that they are continuing the tour is a joke on top of a joke. Amazingly disrepectful. Pete should be ashamed and so should anyone who goes to see "The Who." The freaking body's not even cold!

    Instead, go buy the 14-song recent LIVE AT LEEDS rereleased CD. And play it at "eleven." Then, put on the studio CD (original, not "soundtrack," etc) of QUADROPHENIA. Play that at "eleven," as well. After this, when the dust clears and your hearing returns, you will have experienced THE ABSOLUTE BEST examples of rock drumming and bass playing ever recorded on magnetic media, and you will be able to kill yourself secure in the notion that there is nowhere else for rock rhythm sections to go.

    Entwistle could show any bass player -- from Chris Squire to Stanley Clarke -- a few things. He was astonishing. And untoppable. The idea that some nobody could replace him -- that some nobody could replace Moon, as well -- is just idiotic. IDIOTIC. Get real.

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