First post! - need tech advise on enclosures

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Thanks to the wonderful customer service at Polk I just purchased two of the new mm104 subs. They should arrive late July. My question is are the space requirements for the new sub the same as the previous mm100?

My plans are to place these subs into my 2001 Z06 Corvette. I would like to angle these so that one fires at the driver and the other at the passenger. This would obviouly require custom made boxes. The boxes would have to be in a triangular shape. How do you get the internal volume with only three sides? My thought was to measure as if there were four sides and divide by 2. Is this correct or is there another formula?

Any help would be beneficial. Thanks and Hello to all members! :)
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    Yes, they work in the same boxes (.66 cu. ft.).

    Where exactly are you planning on putting the woofers? Right behind the seats, or a little further back in the well? It's a coupe, not a convertible, right?
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    I am planning to set them in the far right and left corners. As for the body, the Z06 only comes in a hardtop. :(
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    shouldnt be that hard, measure the internal edges, and multiply l*w*h as if it were a cube as you said, then divide by 2. its simple geometry...
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    hey uhhh..... MOMOGTI, you do realize that he had this question almost 2 years ago right??? i'm pretty sure it's installed by now....
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