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I have found a nirvana of sorts after adding the 650 sub to my system. As foretold, the gain in midrange and added sound I have found since has truly added a new dimension to my listening pleasure. As such, I am relistening to a great deal of music daily. I have also found that my primary speakers (Sony) are really less responsive than my kitchen speakers (R15i), thus my saving towards a pair of (hopefully) R70i.
Since it seems that many on this board have really killer systems, I was wondering what the best musical examples for listening, bass, surround, movies, etc people have found are. I am always open to listening or watching something recommended and new. I am looking for some of the music listed in the newest "Speaker specialist" as of now. any favorites out there? Best workout for the speakers, best headphone music, anything whatsoever?
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    The video game Quake has a soundtrack that was done by Trent Reznor. Who is a master of electronic music. It'll run you about twenty bucks at a local software store.
    *the goods*'s not music, by any means. But the level of depth on that cd is astonishing. I listened to it many, many times over a period of years..and could still pick out new things. Then I listened to it on a friends system *two of them connected, an aiwa home theater and a harmon & kardon* and I heard an ENTIRELY new set of sounds that I was completely unaware of. *track 4..what I call the whispers* This cd will also work the bass of your system drastically. *and make your neighbors think an alien craft has landed* I have no clue if this has any subsonic frequencies in it..but I'd like to find out. I use this cd to test systems with. By the way the first track has nothing on it, the second track is the first 'song' but it's pretty slow. After you endulge in the most consistent system tweak ever..*beer*..turn out the lights and check this cd out. Five bucks says you get chills.
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