Jbl Pb10 & Pb12

Has anyone heard or would anyone recomend JBL's PB 10 or PB12. It got some good reviews on CNET but I figured I should ask you guy's first.

Really, Im just trying to find the best sub for under $350. Any help or advice would be welcomed.:cool:
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    Forget the JBL, ponder this:

    10" Titanic Kit

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    A buddy of mine has a JBL 12 incher from a couple years back...not sure what the model is but I'm not terribly impressed. Very one note, boomy.....

    Best sub under 350? IMO, find a Paradigm dealer and seek out a PDR-10 or PDR-12. I have a PDR-10 and like it very much.

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    How would the Polk PSW450 compare with them? Circuit
    City is selling the 450 for $349.
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    Sound & Vision did a test of a JBL satellite and sub combo last year sometime.. shoot, maybe even two years ago. I believe it was the same 12" sub that you could buy separately. That sub, at that time, got a very good review. It isn't listed in their archives, but I don't know how far they go back.

    If you're interested in a JBL sub, check out the Harmanaudio.com site. You can get remanufactured subs for a fraction of the original cost.. if you want JBL, and if you're OK with remanufactured...

    PSW-D112-Z is $152.
    PSW-D115-Z is $177. I assume you pay shipping.

    Just an FYI.
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    for under $350 build your own 12" Titanic MK2 sonotube :)