Pre Amp out to Amp in Voltage Levels

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Has anyone considered the Pre Amp out levels, Voltage, and how this impacts the Amp Out, Watts? I have contacted both HK and Outlaw in an effort to understand the compatibility between the 2. THEY BOTH BLEW ME OFF! Is it because its a dumb question? I am a rookie...

I have access to an O-Scope and wonder if it would be worth my time to check it out.

It may also be interesting to devise an inline metering system between the PreAmp out to Amp in and correlate it to rms power out to the Speakers. My thoughts as too why would be a better understanding of speaker power to sound pressure. But then again I'm probably pushing this a little toooo far!

Just curious
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    2.0 v is the normal, however some put out 2.2v
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    Thanks weavercr. Are the values of 2.0 or 2.2 the maximum out?

    Say for instance on the ADCOM GFA-7500 Amplifier the min input from the PreAmp is .1V for 1 Watt and 1.14 V for max rated or in this case 150 Watts.
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    I received information from H/K regarding the PreAmp Out Line Levels of the AVR520 if anyone is interested.

    H/K's response
    Hi Henry,
    The pre-outs are controlled by the volume control. With the
    volume control turned down, there will be no output~0 volts. With the volume
    turned to max with an input at rated sensitivity of 200mV, pre-out voltage
    would be approximately 1.0 volt.
    Ernie Luedemann
    Web Support 3
    Now if I can only get a response from Outlaw!

    A Thought?
    As far is input sensitivity too the receiver is concerned, I'm assuming the volume level changes from 1 channel to the next while surfing Direct TV is caused by fluctuations of the Direct TV Box itself.
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    Good Luck with this topic. I have amps with gain controls and that does help with this particular situation but then I lose the "page turning" effects in the music. Why can't everything just work the way it's supposed to?
    By the way, welcome rookie, I'm a rookie at separates as well so you're not alone!!
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    Thanks smglbrth, Its an overwellming hobby at times, thats for sure.
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    MANTIS has spoken about the voltage irregularities between amps and preamps and the importance of mating correct components, yet he hasn't replied. You might be able to click on his name and send him an E-mail asking this. Maybe not, it depends on his profile.

    My thoughts: Don't sweat it. There is an allowable variance that I've NEVER found to be crossed, complicated, or comprimised by any manufacturer. With few exceptions, they want their equipment to be able to be used with a variety of set-ups. Of course I could be wrong. Maybe they are off their rocker and haven't come up with a standard and I'm just lucky.

    I believe the difference in volume when channel surfing is the fault of the broadcasters. When I listen through the receiver I've got to turn it down when I get to the local access BS. My TV has an Equisound thing that evens thing out. I wish my cable-box did. I wouldn't expect a receiver to do this as the source is the same.
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