PSW350 vs. 450

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will I notice much of a difference in going to the 450 with a Denon 2802 driving a POLK RM6600 speaker system? I guess the popping at certain points in moives is due to the limitation of the sub but I was also told the 350 is a better match for my speakers . Any opinions??
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    The PSW450 clearly has more power and can play louder (3 dB more according to Polk) than the 350 without bottoming out the woofer.

    However, for roughly the same amount of money, I would try the HSU VTF-2 or the SVS 25-31PCi instead of the PSW-450. The 450 is rated -3dB at around 35Hz, and these other two units are flat to around 22 Hz in a typical HT room.

    Contrary to my initial thoughts on this subject, there is significant content in the 20-30Hz range on SOME (not all) DVDs that the PSW450 will pretty much ignore. You won't know what you are missing until you compare it to a sub that is flat to around 20Hz.

    I have two PSW350's that actually play very loud and clean above 40Hz (more than a single 450 can), but I couldn't believe what they were NOT playing below 30Hz until I compared them to a deep extension sub.

    I'm a true convert and I'm trying to save you an upgrade headache. Ask any of the more experienced posters in this forum who own deep extension subs and they will tell you the same thing.

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