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Both formats seem to have limited title availability. My question is; is one of the formats gaining stronger market share, or are they both pretty equal. I am wondering which format will ultimately become the more popular standard, or if it is clear yet.
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    Good question, but I'd like to throw HDCD in the mix. Is the HDCD reciever I just bought going to be obsolete or overun by other formats in the next year or two? Or should I go ahead and get that HDCD compatible DVD player I've been wanting? :)
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    Something to be said about good ole' Stereo, thats 2.0 for you HT guys.... ;)

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    i think the sacd will get over run...because sony carries it only right now..and SONY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE SONY!
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    Supposedly Universal (which owns a lotta labels) & Sony are going to stop making "normal" CDs & only issue their new releases on "hybrid" SACDs, which will still play on standard CD players, but require an SACD player to play the 2-ch or 5.1 SACD mixes. Depending on how many CDs you buy & whether or not many of them are from the labels in question, the manufacturer is going to try to make your choice for you. If you have to pay SACD prices just to play a regular CD, then why not buy an SACD player? That's what they hope you will ask yourself, & they hope that your answer is, I might as well buy a new one. Then there's the possibility of universal (SACD/DVD-A/DVD-V) players becoming more widespread & cheaper over the next couple of yrs. Ah, formats! Ya gotta love 'em!
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