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Wrote this one up while my internet was down...:mad:

This is an album from 1990, so it's fairly old. I had the tape, but found a place that could get it for cheap, so bingo, picked it up today. It's also produced, arranged, and mixed by Paul Okenfold (yep, the techno guy).

Happy Mondays - Pills Thrills and Bellyaches

Track 7 - Bob's Yer Uncle

While not the title track on this '90s album, it is my favorite on the whole album. Not only does it amuse with lyrics of humorous erotica, it also amuses and excites with a very cool mix of different instrument influences and vocals.

Throughout the song there is a rhythmic strumming of an acoustic guitar without any noticeable pedal effects or anything, just a raw acoustic. Accompanying the guitar is an awesome bassline that complements the guitar admirably. With those traditional bass and rhythm guitars, there is a interesting bongo line that keeps your midrange on edge. It's a very natural sounding bongo, with obvious human timing that makes it easy to listen to. When the chorus comes in, you'll be surprised to hear a flute that comes in and takes front stage to all the other instruments. Not anything extremely complex for your speakers to reproduce, but it's interesting to hear what instruments they chose to take center stage as the song progresses.

The main vocals of the song is a somewhat raspy, almost whisper like male vocalist that sounds like he is directing it to a female while close to her ear. In response to the male vocalist, there is a female vocalist that comes in at the chorus and doesn't say anything, just makes very musical "ohhhs and ahhhs" that give you an idea of what the song is trying to get at ;)

Overall impression of the album:

Happy Mondays was not even defined as a one hit wonder, as their single that was released on Thrills, Pills, and Bellyaches - Step On - didn't make it up the charts very far. It was just by chance that I saw the video on the TV one late night. Happy Mondays makes an interesting mix of traditional rock instruments while inserting electronic sounds, effects, and sometimes rhythms that were popular in the '90s. The closest thing to their sound would be something like a very happy version of Depeche Mode, but even that's hard to see sometimes in the album. I recommend this album to those looking for some upbeat pop-rock that has some humorous erotica and drug references and not the current "angst rock" that is wearing my ears down.
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