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How is this movie? Worth a rent or buy? Sounds like a movie I would like but I heard it was pretty slow like The Others. Let me know!!!!:cool:
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    I saw this one at the theater.

    The popcorn was more enjoyable!


    No excuses!
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    looks like an interesting movie.......buuuut.....its got Richard Gere in it. So forget it.
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    I enjoyed it quite a bit. But I like psychological/paranormal thrillers so I'm pretty partial to that type of movie. Even though it's got gerbil boy in it, it's still pretty well made.
    *in one scene, he has remarkably similar facial features to uhh....a gerbil. this isn't a joke*
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    I stay away from anything with gerbil man in it. Ewwwwww.

    Peace Out~:D
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    Is this that movie with the greatness of Eddie Rabbit, 'Driving my life away' on the soundtrack?

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    is that the guy that haves a gere shifter stuck in hes ****.
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