lsi speakers- newbie questions

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Some basic q's .

The lsi drivers are smaller (5 1/4" ) compared to most of the rt series which are 6 1/2 ". What are the benefits of this ? Any drawbacks?

Why don't the lsi's carry the anti-diffraction bezel ?

The lsi's are mirror-imaged, how big a difference is this benefit?

The speakers are listed at 4ohms, will that be a big problem for a receiver that handles only 8ohms ?

Thanks !
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    Ok... I'm going to make an attempt.

    Smaller drivers are generally more responsive as there is less mass to move. This is why the big SDA's of old had many small drivers vs. one big one. Properly designed, you can achieve very good results with multiple small drivers. I have listened to the RT25i (5-1/4" driver) and the RT35i (6-1/2" driver). The RT35i has a bit better bass. However, the RT25i received some distinguished awards - I think due to clarity. Supposedly, the LSi's have some sort of aerated drive material (w/tiny bubbles) that further reduce mass and help responsiveness. Maybe there were issues in doing this design in 6-1/2"ers. Who knows. Small drivers aren't necessarily bad drivers though - unless the words B - - - appears on them.

    I think the anti-diffraction bezel is a bunch of hooey and is simply a simple platform from which to assemble speakers. Basically, I think its primary purpose is to aide in manufacturing. The old SDA's didn't have anti-diffraction bezel's and sounded just fine. I could care less about this feature.

    Didn't know the Lsi's are mirror imaged. Have no clue on this one. The old SDA's had a left and right for proper stereo dimensional imaging (an audio illusion).

    Most good receivers can handle 4-ohm speakers just fine. Yes, it will be a problem for 8-ohm only receivers. The LSi's are really designed for seperate components. Go out and buy an amp and you'll appreciate the improvement.
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    Well, the drivers as they get bigger respond slower ocasionally newayz, and the smaller like the lsi's have make them more detailed and accurate, as the 6 1/2's have more bass but loose some accuracy, like one time at a race they had a 30 foot subwoofer, and IT SUCKED! If they had a whole bunch of twelves, would of been alot! But newayz thats why i guess!
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