new Indiana Jones?

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    2005, a sad year indeed as we will see the last of two great movie legends.

    ~The last Indiana Jones movie
    ~The last Star Wars movie

    Peace Out~:D
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    The first Indy movie should have been the last..... The sequels went downhill fast....

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    temple of doom was horrible, but i didn't mind the last crusade so much...
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    I read somewhere that Raiders will be coming out on DVD next year.
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    That's why I would look forward to a fourth movie... the Last Crusade showed some promise, like the potential was there to be good again. Temple of Doom was a down right embarrassing effort.

    I liked what the Mummy showed, too, that they could take that theme and add in new technology and effects. I'm sure the popularity of the Mummy is making them have second thoughts, too. $$$
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    Lets see if Lucas adds in his digital effects for the first trilogy DVDs. If he does, it will be a sad day in hollywood.

    BTW, did you hear that Natalie Portman will make a guest appereance in Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi. Yep, that is right, Lucas may digitally insert her into a scene. :(:(:(
    I really can't wait! (you could cut the sarcasm with a knife).
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