PSW650 vs PSW550

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From what I can tell, the major differences (as far as reproducing audio) is just 3dB lower on frequency response and -3dB Lower Limit on the 650.

Has anyone done a comparison between the two? I am more concerned about music than home theater for myself.

I have LSi9 fronts, LSiC, and LSiFX.

Paul (which also has the 9 fronts) uses the 650. Is that going to be too much boom?

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    The PSW650 will simply move more air than the 550 - it has two 10" drivers - easily more surface area than the 550. That will be the biggest difference, I would say.

    Bass port technology, driver construction, and amp is similar between the two, so I would expect them to sound about the same.

    If you want to pound out the bass - get the 650, especially if your room is big.

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