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I have just purchased the RT2000i's and I love them. I have a Sony DA5ES receiver. I have my outputs on the top red and black binding post. The manual says to leave the bridges between the posts if you don't have a sub hooked up and if you do hook up the sub, then remove it. Can you tell me why or am I missing something.

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    they are saying that if you have a seperate sub hook up with speaker wire connections to the rt-2000i you should take off the jumper, because the signal coming out of the seperate sub will not have the low frequency signal to run the rt-2000i internal sub, the signal will be missing, only the high singals will be sent from the seperate sub.

    and wecome to the polk forum
    . rt-7 mains
    rt-20p surounds
    cs-400i front center
    cs-350 ls rear center
    2 energy take 5, efects
    2- psw-650 , subs
    1- 15" audiosource sub

    lets all go to the next ces.
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