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Does anyone one what the best way to make the shape of the box you want to make is? Like, ive heard people have used expanding foam, but thats kinda expesnsive. And im not talking about making a enslore in the wheel well where you already have something to hold the shape. Im talking like a free form with curves and stuff
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    When we build 'glass boxes, we use speaker rings, fleece, mat, and resin. We set the rings where we want them by using strips of MDF or backstrap. We then hot glue the fleece over the speaker rings and stretch it to the base of the enclosure. The base is usually what you attach the speaker rings to. This could be a flat piece of MDF or a 'glassed up tire well. After you have the shape you want, soak the fleece with fiberglass resin. Once that has cured, apply a couple of layers of heavy duty mat over the fleece, or, if you can, on the back of the fleece. Now you can finsh it with body filler, primer, paint. We get our supplies from US Composites .
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    hope you guys dont mind me posting a link to alpine... but i figure you use so much of their stuff youwouldn't mind... ... click on the link for "show / demo cars" and then check out the blue acura type r integra.

    click on the tab that says "prefabrication pictures" or something like that and they'll show you about 150 pictures of how they built every fiberglass thing in that car.

    it has step by step "brief" instructions with materials listed and other such good stuff.

    its not a tutorial, but its as close as you're gonna get while being able to see real world pictures of what this stuff comes out like.
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