Help me find an overkill subwoofer...

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Since the PSW1200 can't be found, what other subs should I look at. I want something thats freakin loud and complete overkill yet still sound clean musically and no distortion. What is a Servo 15? Who makes it? I am currently running a RT5000p system on an Onkyo 989.
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    made by Paradigm....

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    Not too helpful, but makes for interesting reading... and only about 270 lbs shipped! No prob.

    "This unique servomotor system is hooked to twin, massive 15" woofers with twin tuned 18" passive radiators in the bottom for reinforcement.

    How about 117 db at 16 hz with under 1% distortion.

    Please be prepared for 135lb boxes which measure 18 X 22 X 37...each!"

    So I want to know... if it's true... what would 117db at 16 hz do to my house??
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    Build it and they will vibrate:)

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    VMPS - The New Larger Subwoofer

    I have first hand experience with this sub, I had two, but only hooked up one and it was VERY GOOD, never hooked up both, I have sold them the a very happy person in Arizona. If you have not seen or heard by now I buy and sell too much stuff, and for no good reason other than experience. These are the real deal. Passive so you will need an amp with balls.

    Earthquake has a VERY impressive Super Nova Series that will do serious structural damage

    Like Ron-P, I am making my own DIY subwoofer that I hope is overkill, overkill so when I ask it to perform it will cruise, not hickup and puke. My subwoofer is designed around the Audire Audio 15" Tempest using two of their 15" passive radiators.
    click on the Adire designs, mine is the 214 Liter box with Passive radiators.

    Good Luck in finding the bass you seek, talk to MADMAX about the Clark Systems set-up he had/has.
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    Oh yes, one more thing. Would like it to be around $1k or less street price.

    How is the Velodyne CHT150. Its a 15" woofer with 300 watts RMS, 750 peak watts. Only $700 but I can probably get it a lot cheaper through Circuit City. Would this be as good or close to the PSW1200.
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    If I we're you I'd rather go with Paradigm Servo-15, I heard this
    monster last week, I am very impress with the sonic capability of this sub, it was effortlessly clean, it's awesome, tight base respone. I am really astonished of this sub, for me this Sub is
    D' best for your money.

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    Dolby Labs says that you need a clean 115 dB from 22Hz and above at the listening seat to make theater quality bass.

    This is extremely hard to achieve in a typical HT room with average subs, or even very good ones.

    The subs that can really do this are very expensive. You might be better off with two subs in roughly the same location. This arrangement will yield a 6dB increase over one sub, all other things being equal. A 6dB increase is huge, allowing more amp headroom, less distortion, and less cone excursion.

    If you push your budget up to the $1500 range, try two HSU VTF-3's, or two SVS 20-39PCi's. Both of these subs are flat to around 20Hz, and a pair of them will approach the obscene SPL's you are looking for with low distortion.

    Use good sub cables and a Y splitter off the LFE jack and you're in business.

    Good luck.

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    i just wish that ht subs were as cheap as adding a sub to your car when i have the time i will buld my self a sub like ron-p for that price i can buld 2 and if i sell my velo ut wont cost much.
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    Sunfire True Sub

    2700 watt powered Subwoofer
    18Hz-100Hz at 110db 11" X 11" X 11" 48 lbs.
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    Sunfire True Sub
    Supposedly no match for the Servo-15.

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    I'm looking for the article, but if I am not mistaken, the Sunfire True Sub MkII's max output was 108db @ 50Hz. It went downhill from there. I know, I know, I'm looking, have been for an hr now......

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    I heard the 10" version of the sunfire sub, and it sucked big. Theres not allot of output and it didn't go very low at all. Of course I am used to my PSW1200 wich could probably eat 2 of the 12" versions of the sunfire for a small snack. I don't see how a sub with a 2,700 watt amp can't compete with a sub with a 225 watt amp. Its simply pathetic. And for the price of the 12" sunfire you could probably buy 3 PSW1200's. Sure would love to here/feel that setup :D If Polk come out with a sub that had a 2,700 watt amp I wonder what it would sound like. I hope this gives Polk an idea for a new sub:D Hate to see what it would do to your house and your naborhood:lol: